The Man of Lawlessness in Jehovah’s Temple: Part 4. Cunning of the Governance System of the Governing Body.

Video in Russian . Here is an adapted version of the video in English 8.7

From video 8.6   we learned that the man of lawlessness today  is the Governing Body (GB). In general, the man of lawlessness works for Jehovah’s interests (as the leaders in the first century Mt.23:2,3, otherwise no one would believe that Jehovah’s Temple is here). But the problem is that when working for the Kingdom’s interests, the man of lawlessness is willing to allow distortion to protect his own interests, which is detrimental to God’s Work (Php.2:21). And what helps him in this is the Governance System (the system of the governance for God’s people).

GS — the Governance System of the man of lawlessness.

Today, the Governance System of Jehovah’s Temple consists of, as it did in the first century, the Governing Body (the headquarters) and his assistants (all the structural units of the Governing Body, including congregations [Ac.15:6; 1Ti.3:1-10] that deliver to all Jehovah’s witnesses all of the decisions of the Governing Body [Ac.16:4]). Through this governance system (GS), unity and discipline are maintained among Jehovah’s people (without which, it is impossible to carry out God’s Will [Mt.24:14] ).

In the GS of modern times there are two downsides:

1) Unlike in the first century, there are no miracles today and there is no opportunity for the members of the Governing Body to confirm that they are truly God’s anointed. (We have to believe their word that they are anointed, there is no alternative to worship Jehovah.)

2) In this system of things of imperfection, the environment of power is always an environment of risk (even if Jehovah Himself appoints the leaders. Nu.20:12; Ac.20:29-30).Therefore, what fruit the GS will bring to God depends on the spirituality of the members of the Governing Body among His people.

If the members of the Governing Body are really anointed, are faithful to Jehovah, take a firm hold of the Word of God, do not look for their own interests but for what is pleasing to Christ, please God but not men (as apostle Paul for example Ac.20:32; Ga.1:10) then the GS will fulfill its purpose and will correctly mold God’s people (even if some mistakes will be made). And the opposite is true as well (Jer.12:10; Php.2:21).

So, depending on what the Governing Body is looking for (righteousness or lawlessness), the biblical form of the GS will either bring good fruit to Jehovah or it will spoil His people, as the shepherds of old time did (Jer.12:10). Is it possible to know what the Governing Body of modernity is looking for? Yes it is. Let’s compare the development of the same situations in the condition of the GS of modernity and the GS of the first century.

Answer please: is it possible that today one of God’s anointed, not from «Jerusalem» (Warwick), could publicly expose one of the members of the Governing Body of hypocrisy and to urge him to correct his conduct without being punished for doing so? (As apostle Paul did, Ga.2:11-13). Or could he ask the Governing Body to change one of the teachings (As apostle Paul did, Acts Chapter 15) and the members of the GB would respond immediately (or at least listen)? Or could he say to the GB that God reveals His Word not only to just the Governing Body from Warwick? (1Co.11:5; Ga.1:15-17).

What will happen to these brothers today? It is not difficult to guess that they will be disfellowshipped or announced mentally ill. Why? Because today (unlike in the first century), the GS of the Governing Body does not let modern «Pauls» in – those who put Jehovah’s interests first and who look not for their own interests but for what is pleasing to Christ (Ga.2:9,11-14; For Paul, Jehovah, and Jesus were the only priorities).

How does the GS of the Governing Body get rid of «Pauls«? By means of an easy, but amazingly workable scheme.

Initially, this tough GS, in terms of the subordination subordinate to the superior, provides stability to God’s people on a global scale. This is good and correct (otherwise it would be impossible to organize the harmonious worldwide activity). But if a wicked generation penetrates the Governing Body that does not look for what is pleasing to Christ but for their own interests, then they use the GS for their own purposes, «making it work» for themselves.

Since the deeds of the man of lawlessness can sooner or later be detected (watch video 8.6 , in order to continue to maintain his position as the only faithful servant of Jehovah, he needs his own team of governors at all levels and structures, starting with congregations and finishing with the six committees (the committees at the Governing Body of the Watchtower Society are: the Coordinators’ Committee, Personnel Committee, Publishing Committee, Service Committee, Teaching Committee, and the Writing Committee).

Therefore, the Governing Body needs only those brothers who will implicitly and blindly (fanatically, without examining the Scriptures) trust him; who will faithfully «fight to the death« for him and his interests in the belief that he is serving Jehovah.

The Governing Body needs servants who will be ready to refuse to search the Scriptures to check its decisions, commandments, and actions. It is not difficult to guess why there is no room for «Pauls» in the modern Governing Body.

The Governing Body needs brothers who will be ready to suppress their own opinion, who will turn a blind eye to weirdness (even if they notice it), who will drown out their own conscience, and evade their responsibility to please Jehovah. But how?!! does one achieve this from the brothers who truly love Jehovah and His Word? For this, it is necessary to interpose a special «magical mechanisms» (2Th.2:2,9,10). Let’s consider them and learn how the Governing Body forms such a team.

At the beginning of this «magic» is in the appointment of the elders of the congregations. God’s people should not be in a democracy (generates anarchy). Therefore, leaders at all levels are appointed by superiors (they have more experience), according to the principle of Acts 14:23; Tit.1:5. However, the approach to the appointment of the elders of all levels, in fact, is worldly: «He will give great glory, power, and reward, to those who give him recognition«, (Da.11:39).

This is the first «magic mechanism” of the GS of the Governing Body.

A condition of appointment as an elder (or as regular pioneer) is a hidden «oath» of allegiance to the Governing Body, not to Jehovah. There is a demand in the questionnaire for all appointees to recognize the Governing Body as the only channel and representative of God. This is how the righteousness of the appointees is placed in dependence not only on themselves and their relationship with Jehovah but also on the righteousness of the Governing Body (If there is a man of lawlessness in the Governing Body, then there is a risk of subordinating to him to do wrong).

This is how the GS of the Governing Body removes all «Pauls» in the very beginning: those who can see a trick in swearing allegiance to the imperfect members of the Governing Body and equalizing them with Jehovah; those who cannot sign the questionnaire and therefore do not fall into the system of managers of the Watchtower Society, as only the necessary «source material» gets there: spiritual babies (inexperienced, gullible newcomers without a thorough knowledge of the Bible). Using spiritual babies is the second mechanism (as it is easy to control them).

Then, the newcomers who sincerely love God, who want to do more to serve Him and who «took the oath» to the Governing Body, are treated with the «third mechanism«, which is the substitution of true spiritual concepts. For example: if you become an elder, you will immediately grow up spiritually! And who among the brothers does not want to grow up spiritually, if this is the dream of all the people who love Jehovah?

Also, it is easy to convince the new ones (especially the young ones) that distrusting the Governing Body is equivalent to distrusting God (which is not true Ac.11:17). That by submitting to the Governing Body you please Jehovah (they use 1Sa.15:22 «to obey is better than a sacrifice«, but they do not specify that it is talking about obedience to JEHOVAH, not to the Governing Body); that the word of the Governing Body is equal to the Word of Jehovah, and if something goes wrong, do not be afraid, the Governing Body will be accountable. (Although this is not so: each one will render an account for himself to God [Ro.14:12] and everyone will be equally punished, Mt.15:14).

If some of the teachings of the Governing Body are unclear or doubtful, then they explain to the new ones «It’s alright. When you grow up spiritually (when you become an elder) you will understand. Do you agree that the Governing Body correctly teaches the basic biblical truth? Then accept this also!» And the new ones sincerely begin to think that they have doubts, not because they see heresy but because they are spiritual babies who cannot see well (making them more willing to become an elder).

The elders of all congregations use this method of «processing» the inexperienced (This is how they are trained). If there is only a few people in the congregation who want to become a regular pioneer or an elder (the district overseer regularly checks), this means the body of elders does not fulfill their responsibilities and does not justify the trust of the society represented by the Governing Body, which can result in a dismissal aftermath (which the elders, of course, do not want).

Therefore, while the new ones did not really grasp anything, the elders «process» them with diligence. And inexperienced brothers strive to become elders in the sincere belief that by doing so, they will grow spiritually. (What the Society does is advertise the elders as spiritual, mature brothers, but they keep silent about the indicators of spiritual growth mentioned in Ga.5:22).

This is how the youths (both literal and spiritual ) begin to lead Jehovah’s people (Isa. 3:4) and face the GS of the Governing Body more tightly. For example, they have to speak from the stage in Kingdom Hall about absurd teachings — that this is the truth of Jehovah. Or in case of difficulties in processing documents for the Kingdom Halls, they have to convince themselves that a bribe is a gift for a good cause of Jehovah, and that it is better to submit than to pay attention to oddities, etc.

If at first the new ones don’t know what they’re doing, then when they begin to understand what wringer of the GS of the Governing Body they are put through, they’ll find out that by that time they will already have something to lose (their congregation that they have loved, Jehovah’s service, friends, family, children, etc.). And if the appointee «turns on the mind», he will face the choice:

a) Express doubts and be ready to resign as an elder (for distrusting the Governing Body, one will be demoted or even expelled) or b) remain silent for various reasons (there is no alternative to worship Jehovah, what will happen to me and my family, I don’t want to l lose the «acquired», Joh.12:42, etc.). To resign, one has to explain the reason and this can ruin not only his life alone. The choice is hard.. But whoever chooses b)  will be promoted even higher in the «theocracy» of the Governing Body.

So only brothers from Group b climb to the heights of the GS of the Governing Body. Those who are ready to be silent pretend that nothing is happening for the sake of the stability of their position. And the deeper they get stuck in it, the higher the GS raises them in ranks. And from the «Pauls», identified along the way (who could not choose b), the Governing Body gets rid of them (it may extend to the exclusion from the congregation).

Watch video 1.7  about how the man of lawlessness got rid of «Pauls» («Jerusalem, the killer of Jehovah’s prophets«).

Next, we’ll consider the forth «mechanism« of the GS of the Governing Body, which is successfully operating on inexperienced and gullible brothers. This is a program of false blessings (the privileges that the society represents as the blessings of God).

This makes the spirituality of many Jehovah’s Witnesses even worse, distorting their motivation: you demonstrate your loyalty to the Governing Body for a while and then you receive special honors and «a land as a reward» (Da.11:39). For example, you will be rewarded with the privilege of studying in one of the schools of the society (without mentioning that there are brothers from Group b) there, and they teach you to obey the Governing Body with even greater zeal, and with even greater effort they equalize the Governing Body with Jehovah).

Take into account this «blessing». For example, if you remain faithful to the Governing Body, in the new world you will be a prince (you will be more honored by Jehovah than others). It will be easier to open your business if you overcome administrative problems, you will come closer to the elite, etc. And if you don’t, then you will be a nobody. In the end, some are «sold» to the GS of the Governing Body for false «blessings» (privileges invented by the society).

This is how many of our dear brothers, being sincere and conscientious at the beginning and demonstrating their dedication to the Governing Body for many years at every stage of career growth, eventually acquire a spiritual defect: they are formed as hard-hearted opportunists, seeking no longer to please God but their own interests (in order not to lose their usual position and privileges, as was the case in the first century, Joh.12:42; Php.2:21).

And the Governing Body forms out of them its own army of «locusts» (Re.9:1,7, the wicked generation of leaders, which was predicted by Christ, Mt.16:1,4; 23:34-36; 24:34. Watch video 1.31 ). These «locusts» spoil the rest of Jehovah’s people: first, the regular pioneers, joining the team of the Governing Body to promote its interests (the mechanisms are the same: blind trust, loyalty to the Governing Body, substitution of concepts and luring by privileges).

As a result (and we can see it today all over the world), it is very easy to convince all Jehovah’s Witnesses (with the exception of some, but not many) through elders and regular pioneers, that, for example, the large-scale construction of the fashionable Bethel in Warwick, the withdrawal of all donations from the congregations, the sale of the Bethel property and the dismissal of the Bethelites, these are all Jehovah’s blessings and guidance.

Therefore, all the Jehovah’s witnesses «fight to the death« for the interests of the Governing Body, even for those that are dubious and they reject all «Pauls«, believing  that they are serving God. This is the bad fruit of the activity of the man of lawlessness in our time. «The army that kills» the prophets of God (Mt.23:34; Joh.16:2).

And the tragedy of this spiritual defect of this «army» is that it is being formed slowly and imperceptibly — only in cases when there is a contradiction between devotion to the Governing Body and to Jehovah. (Whom should you listen to more: the Governing Body or God?) But there are only a few such situations (the Governing Body largely requires the same as God; «poison is added drop by drop» ). But every time during taking this test of allegiance to the Governing Body or to Jehovah, when the Jehovah’s witnesses take the side of the Governing Body they show that the Governing Body is their master, not Jehovah (an idol sits in the temple of God).

So, the conclusion for the Governance System of the Governing Body of our time. We have shown:

1) Why the GS of the man of lawlessness at all times removes faithful «Pauls», but accepts brothers who obey the man of lawlessness for various reasons.

2) How the man of lawlessness forms his team with the help of the four «magic» mechanisms of the Governance System, built by the Governing Body of the society. Let’s recall them briefly.

The «magic« mechanisms of the Governance System of the Governing Body are:

1) The oath of allegiance to the Governing Body, not to Jehovah;

2) the selection of young and inexperienced ones into the GS;

3) the substitution of concepts (the Governing Body is equal to Jehovah; obedience to the Governing Body is pleasing to Jehovah; and delve into weirdness – displeasing ).The Governing Body will be responsible for any weirdness, but you will render an account to God for disobedience to the Governing Body;

4) attraction by the program of false blessings (the race for privilege distorts the motivation for those serving Jehovah and incorrectly molds Jehovah’s people).

If we add to this everything that was shown in the previous video 8.6 , which is:

— adventurous investments;

— hiding the movements of donations (the receiving and spending);

— the pursuit by the members of the Governing Body of luxury and comfort (but they prohibit the creation of a fund for helping fellow believers);

— the «financial abuse» of the congregations (withdrawal of all surplus donations);

— «tax on constriction»;

— complete isolation of the Governing Body from the «lower class» (impossibility for «Pauls« to come to them, Acts 15);

— unwise actions (situation in the Russian Federation);

— the dismissal of Bethelites who have worked for decades, without severance pay (put them through the wringer, and then be on your own) for the sale of real estate;

— the absence of a program of material care for older Bethelites (except for the members of the Governing Body and their closest associates);

— construction «business» (buy low-sell high);

— the use of free labor (including remote assistants) ;

— distortion of biblical teachings;

— the requirement to use only New World Translation Bible (the best in the understanding of the Society, but in fact — distorted, watch video 3.12, 3.13, 3.14 );

— the requirement to study the Bible only by the algorithm of the publications of the Society, etc.

Then we can come to the conclusion that the overall deeds and principles of the modern Governing Body comprehensively confirm the Biblical description of the man of lawlessness who has sat in Jehovah’s Temple at the beginning of the 21st century (the ascension of the Governing Body of modernity began in 1976, watch video 8.5 ).

The man of lawlessness:

1) will lead Jehovah’s worship (he will sit in the temple of God);

2) will allow apostasy (2Th.2:3; idolatry, substitute for God);

3) will entice with all power and signs and lying wonders (2Th.2:9, for example, the impressive wonder of fast construction of Kingdom Halls around the world under the cover of a «construction business»);

4) will seduce Jehovah’s people (lure with rewards) ;

5) will replace truth with deception (2Th.2:10 will distort teachings and motivation);

6) will release his army of «locusts» (dedicated to the Governing Body and not to Jehovah, Re.9:1-4).

Of course, the Governance System of Jehovah’s people is very important. It is very important for God to accomplish the worldwide preaching work, in which Jehovah’s witnesses participate (which is impossible without the GS, Mt.24:14). However, it is equally important to Jehovah that those who carry the good news to others gain salvation themselves. (1Co.9:27; if you notice something wrong in your congregation, but you don’t know what to do, watch video 2.14 ).

Next time, we will consider how one can become a member of the Governing Body (if there are any true anointed ones there today or not), if God wills.

Jehovah’s Witnesses, «Box of answers».