The man of lawlessness in Jehovah’s temple: Part 5 How one can become a member of the Governing Body of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

Video in Russian . Here is an adapted version of the video in English 8.7

The answer to the question “How one can become a member of the Governing Body in our time” (GB) will close the cycle of videos about the man of lawlessness and will show why the GB deviates towards lawlessness despite the many sincere efforts for the Kingdom’s interest.

Since the Governing Body is the center of training God’s people in the whole world, the members of the Governing Body must be anointed, specifically called to the ministry of the Word of God (Ac.6:4).

He who is called upon by Jehovah to the ministry of the word hungers and thirsts for the truth and cannot sleep well unless that thirst is quenched (the spirit of God will not leave him in peace unless he finds the right interpretation of the Word of God, Mat. 5:6; Ac. 6:4; 2 Cor. 4:2).
Since problems are clearly discernible in the teachings of the Society, emanating from 1914 (examples shown below), and nobody in the Governing Body really cares about it (it is not “warping” them because of the trampling the truth) the question naturally arises: Are they called to the ministry of the Word there?

If there are none anointed in the Governing Body called to the ministry of the Word of God then deviation from truth is inevitable. Only holy spirit helps the anointed ones to be interpreters of the Word of God — to understand it correctly and instruct the disciples (1 John 2:20,27; 1 Cor.12:3).
But we are not in the first century today, there are no literal miracles (Ac.2:43; 19:11), therefore none of the anointed ones can confirm Jehovah’s calling to the ministry of the word. How, then, can one distinguish who is called by God and who is not?

One must be guided by spiritual «miracles.» Russell, for example, checked the 19th century Bible teachings and was horrified to find how distorted the fundamental teachings had become (he felt an acute need to seek the truth).

He was able to see in the Bible that Jehovah must be worshiped through Jesus Christ; he gave to the world the fundamentals of correct knowledge about Jehovah, His son, and the purpose for mankind. It is clear that it would be impossible without holy spirit. (The profit of the spiritual fruit of brother Russell exceeded his mistakes and the following is clearly noticeable: his spiritual heritage is still used by the Jehovah’s Witnesses.)

At the time of Russell’s associates, spiritual “miracles” were also observed; the facets of truth were updated (earthly JW appeared; the rejection of 1914 as the date of the end, the rejection of Christmas, neutrality, etc.), preaching the foundations of truth about Jehovah and the rapid growth of Jehovah’s people. As a result, Mic. 4.1, 2 came true (the prophecy about the restoration of Jehovah’s worship), which also confirms God’s callings of the anointed ones of the 20th century. (Their usefulness to the Kingdom’s work exceeded the mistakes they made.)

Similar today, spiritual “miracles” are expected from the Governing Body, or at least the correction of the obsolete teachings (if they really were called to the ministry of the word, they would explore the Bible and update the outdated teachings, 2 Peter 1:19-21). But what do we see? For example, if Jesus began to rule in 1914 then Russell’s associates would have caught the end of this system of things (Mat.24:34). But his generation died and the end did not come. What conclusion should the Governing Body have made? The 1914 teachings are wrong and must be corrected.

But instead of deepening biblical study and correcting the obvious 1914 teaching mistake, the Governing Body built on it an even more ridiculous “light”, deciding that if the coming of Christ in 1914 did not lead to the end of this system of things (as was expected at Russell’s time), this does NOT mean that the 1914 teaching was a mistake. It merely means that Jesus has to come back two times. (This is how a new “light” appeared about Christ coming back twice, in 1914 and before Armageddon Watchtower 07.15.2013.)

And if the anointed of 1914 did not see the end (as was expected during Russell’s time), the Governing Body decided not to change the teaching of the coming of Christ in 1914 but to add a second group of anointed Christians, effectively extending the length of the “generation” (this is how a new “light” appeared about two overlapping groups that make up “this generation” from Mat. 24:34, Watchtower 06.15.2010, page.5. Each new “light” is not a discovery of truth, but a political step). And here the question arose: “Who invents such a ridiculous new light?” Are there ministers of the Word of God within the Governing Body?

Today, it is plain to see that if there are ministers called by God within the Governing Body — for sure – they were not called to the ministry of the Word. But, for example, they were called to modernize the management of personnel, publishing, finance, construction, etc. (gifts differ, Romans 12:6-8). Undoubtedly, in the age of technological revolution it is also necessary to do this. But where is the main «modernization»? Why has the Governing Body stopped the development of the truth? Who is teaching Jehovah’s people today?

All the questions raised here prompted us to find out how one becomes a member of the Governing Body in our time, and who prepares spiritual food. As we already know, since 1992 spiritual food has been prepared by the JW with earthly hope (JW Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom page. 235). But, let’s say that educational articles are written by the members of the Governing Body and “earthly” JW are engaged in design work and prepare them for release. Let’s find out who serves in the Governing Body and compare that with the 1st century AD:

In the 1st century, Jehovah appointed the leaders into the Governing Body (Ac. chapter 2; 6:2, 4; chapter 15). He looked into the heart and called to the ministry of the Word the «vessels» suitable for this (1 Sam. 16:7; Ac. 6:2.4; 9:15). For example, fishermen wanted to know the truth, Mat. 24: 3, but the leaders didn’t. Therefore, God called fishermen. But today, one can become a member of the Governing Body only for service to the GB (those who defend and promote GB policy: The GB gets rid of “Pauls”, called by Jehovah to the ministry of the Word; watch video 8.7). How do we know this?

This is how the Watchtower Society explains the principle of getting into the Governing Body: ”While directors of a legal corporation are voted into office by its members, the Governing Body is not appointed by any man but is appointed by Jesus Christ” (Watchtower 04.15.2001, page 29).We decided to find out how this appointment takes place in reality, because it is clear that literally neither Jehovah nor Jesus appointed the members of the GB. Here is what we found out:

When asked by the royal commission in Sydney, G. Jackson said (watch that video starting from the 9 minute mark) that the new members of the Governing Body are appointed by the decision of the Governing Body (the GB chooses them as well as the elders, according to the scriptural qualifications and one’s track record, Watchtower 11.15.2014). At the time of the appointment into the Governing Body, one must have the appointee experience of the Watchtower Society and partake of the symbols (i.e. not Jesus appointing the members into the GB as the society teaches, but the imperfect GB members themselves).

Then we found out that the helpers to the GB in the committees are the “right hand” of the GB (since 1992, the helpers at the weekly meeting of the committee are the Jehovah’s Witnesses from among the “other sheep”, Watchtower October 2015, page 3). Since only special brothers can get into such committees (those who are ready to remain silent and close their eyes to any oddities in order to maintain their position in the Society, watch the video 8.7), it’s clear that only the best of the best «earthly» Jehovah’s Witnesses can become the helpers to the Governing Body; on the ability to turn a blind eye to everything.

In order to get into the Governing Body, one must first be promoted to the appointment as a helper to the GB in one of the committees (the “launch pad” to getting into the GB). Since 1992, the GB has appointed the «earthly» JW as helpers to the committees (Watchtower October 2015, page 3), so we decided to check whether or not these «earthly» helpers become members of the GB. When exploring the path of the new members into the GB (it’s good, they write about this in the Watchtower magazine), we saw this:

In 2000, four new members were added to the GB (Watchtower 01.01.2000, page 29) and we quote: “The new members, all anointed Christians, are Samuel F. Herd, M. Stephen Lett, Guy H. Pierce, and David H. Splane.” We checked whether or not they had been helpers to the GB in one of the committees since 1992 and later (that is when they began to appoint not the anointed ones but brothers with earthly hope) and this is what we saw in that same magazine:

Samuel Herd was serving as a helper to the Service Committee (from 1965 to 1997, he was in circuit and district work). Stephen Lett was a helper to the Teaching Committee (Since 1998, he has been a part of the United States Bethel family). Guy Pierce was serving as a helper to the Personnel Committee (he served as a circuit overseer from 1986 until 1997). David Splane — since 1998, he had been a helper to the Writing Committee.
This is how we saw that all the four new members of the GB were the “earthly” brothers when in 1997/1998 they were appointed as helpers to the GB. (Reminder: since 1992, the GB has appointed the «earthly» JW as their helpers [Watchtower October 2015, page 3.])

The same can be said about Brother Sanderson (Watchtower 07.15.2013). He served as a helper to the Service Committee of the Governing Body. This is how our thought was confirmed that, since 1992, brothers with earthly hope who were appointed as helpers to the GB become members of the GB. By the time of the appointment as a member of the GB they somehow become God’s anointed (after all, the members of the GB must be anointed). Below, we will demonstrate an approximate algorithm of getting into the GB of modern times:

Today, one can become a member of the GB not because he is chosen by God to the ministry of the Word but rather for the greater services and interests of the GB (the one who is rising to the top of a theocratic career, is better than others, turns a blind eye). If a JW ”earns” in the eyes of the GB to become a helper to them he will get a chance to partake of the symbols.

On the one hand, such an algorithm of getting into the GB can be understood:  members of the GB prepare a replacement for themselves for those JW whose devotion to the Society is verified. But on the other, with this approach the “fishermen” and the “Pauls” have no chance to become members of the GB (those who hunger for the knowledge of truth and devote all their free time to Bible study). Also, there will be no possibility to deepen the Bible study or to correct the mistakes. Why?

Because even if the Society selects the most loyal and honored candidate to the GB (the one who shows special devotion to the GB), it will not be able to give him holy spirit. Jehovah is the only one who can give it through Jesus Christ; the gift of calling to the ministry of the Word of God and instruct in His truth (Joh.16: 7,13; 1.Joh. 2:20,27). Where there is no holy spirit there is no wisdom, and deviation from the truth of God becomes inevitable.

Due to the fact that one can become a member of the GB only because of his track record (not by Jehovah’s calling), we believe that the crisis in instruction of the Jehovah’s Witnesses is becoming more noticeable.
For example, the arrests in the Russian Federation (brothers suffer not for Christ but for the short-sightedness of the GB). The hasty transfer of Kingdom Halls to foreigners; — in the Russian Federation it was recognized as fictitious donations (compare Heb. 10: 34; after all, the givers continue to use the property, but not the gifted);There is no flexibility in the conditions of the ban (with regards to the meetings, preaching).

There is a lack of finances. There is an outflow of the JW. In the teachings, instead of correcting the outdated interpretation of the brothers (they couldn’t discover a lot during their time), they lay a new understanding on top of the old understanding, but even more absurd (they patch old holes of teachings with patches with new holes, The example of it is a new “light” about two overlapping groups that make up “this generation” from Mat. 24:34).
What is the solution? This is the main point of the video (the detection of errors without a proposal for the correct way out does not bring any benefit to the Kingdom’s interests; James 1:22-25)..

There is only one answer: it is necessary to look for the anointed ones called by Jehovah to the ministry of the Word and to engage them to cooperate and work together with the GB or at least with the Writing Committee. They can be useful, even as remote assistants; they do not have to be invited to the GB or at Bethel of USA. Today it is possible to find them by the spiritual «miracles» they perform.

The anointed ones, called to the ministry of the Word of God, differ from the rest of the JW with their strong desire to “get to the bottom” of the essence of truth and have a deep understanding of the Bible and the behavior tactics. Not only will they not close their eyes to the mistakes in the teachings of the Society (the holy spirit will not allow them to, Ac. 17:11; 1 Th. 5:21), but they also consider themselves obliged to Jehovah to explain to the GB what is inconsistent with His Word and requires clarification (the example of Paul, Ac. chapter 15).

If they see that an elder is wrong about something they also cannot close their eyes to this and admonish him, according to Matthew 18:15 (the Society teaches that the shepherds must be obeyed even when in the wrong, but the holy spirit that the anointed have will not allow them to do so: Paul for example, could not tolerate the hypocrisy of Peter, Gal. 2:11-14). If they have a revelation in the Word of God (a new or clarified interpretation of some Scripture, 1 Cor.14:26-31), they inform the elders. But why?

So that revelations could reach the Governing Body. (Paul went to the Governing Body in the first century, while today it is possible to send the information through the Internet, Ac. chapter 15) Since it is natural for them to love people, they do not stir up other members of the congregation with their new revelations (they act through the elders). For the rest, they serve Jehovah, just like the rest of the JW. They must inform the elders that they are called by God to be ministers of the Word (Rom.1:1; Gal.2:7-9; 1Tim.2: 7; Ac.13:2).

The elders should not punish one for distrusting the Governing Body but to bring to the attention of the Governing Body the information about the presence of the anointed one within their congregation. The Governing Body should then consider what the minister of the word conveys and analyze it in the light of the Scripture (as a rule, it is impossible to object the interpretation of God’s anointed using the Bible; Luke 14.6; 20:26) and think of where, how, and when to apply it.

If the anointed one does not speak English, the Governing Body can read his material with a translator (there are such services in the GB). The GB should not be afraid that all 8 million Jehovah’s Witnesses will begin to throw the GB with revelations claiming that they are called by God to the ministry of the Word. Why not? Because to say so means to risk one’s life (because if a JW is not called, he risks his life to be rejected by God forever for lies and heresy). Those whom Jehovah calls to be ministers of the Word cannot be many.

For example, in the first century Jehovah only found 13 suitable people for the ministry of the Word in all of Judea (John 17:11,12, only four of them actively wrote teaching instructions  — Paul was not a member of the GB).  If the GB ceases to hold onto the uniqueness of their authority and will listen to the «Pauls» then this will benefit all of their work. But whoever believes that Jehovah calls to the ministry of the word only those who have a good track record of service to the society is wrong. Why?

Because 1) God does not look at the record of service, but into the heart (He sees who is fit for this ministry, 1 Sam 16:7, therefore in the first century He did not call honored workers of God’s people, but fishermen and persecutors of Christians, (Paul), which would be impossible for the GB).

And 2) The anointed ones are not interested in power, heights in a career, honor, or glory. They are only interested in the purity of God’s Word and conscience (2 Cor. 4:2; Tit. 2:7; 1 Pet. 3:16, and in this, too, is their distinctive feature).

The conclusion for this video is this: we have shown in general terms
a) the difference between the one called to the ministry of the word by Jehovah (the one who digs deep into the Bible and seeks truth) and the one who is called by the GB for services to the Society (who obediently follows all of the GB’s instructions).
b) How «earthly» JW, since 1992, have moved smoothly to the GB — from the “step” of a helper to the GB in one of the six committees. We will show what we learned in the following chart:

The most important question for Jehovah’s Witnesses is: how one should continue to serve Jehovah in his congregation, knowing that the man of lawlessness sits in the temple of God? (2 Thess. 2: 2-4). We will find out soon if God wills.

Here is the video of the public hearings of the Royal Commission in Sydney. D. Jackson speaks about the appointment of the members of the GB, 9th minute