Life is a mist… for a little while (Jacob 4:14)

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Life is a mist… for a little while (Jacob 4:14)
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There is an appointed time for everything,
A time for every activity under the heavens (Eccl.3:1)

Nobody knows  what time is. We only know how slow it goes when we wait for someone or when we are ill. And how fast it  flies when we are healthy and happy.

Time is a measure of all changes in our life : those good and not so good.


No one can turn back time , stretch it or preserve it.

Time is cruel and merciless towards us : It inevitably destroys our lifes, all that means a lot to us,  all that we once loved , cherished and hoped for.

Time is relentless : when your time is «over» — you cannot persuade it to stop and extend your life even for one moment.

Regardless of what tops of happiness and success we climb on Regardless of  what pedestals of glory, wealth, and power  we achieve and no matter how we shine — when «our time» runs out — it will throw us to the very bottom of human debility and sorrow.

But there is One , who can stop the doom of destruction caused by time , taking away everything that is dear to us. Which is Jehovah , the Creator of everything in heaven and on earth.

Jehovah God — Lord of time, the Creator of all things and  of our lifes, He doesnt want our happiness to be short-lived. He wants us to enjoy our happiness forever, and he is ready to «stop» for us the time of life for all eternity (Rev.21:3,4).

In order to bring back people happiness and time of life for all eternity — Jehovah God and His son Jesus Christ went to great sacrifices.

And yet, Jehovah has been keeping  in heaven the «Book of Life» which is unknown to us,in which He writes the names of those whom He wishes to see in His new world and to whom He will  return life (Mal.3:16). But some people will not be in this book (Rev:17:8). That means that among us will be those whom Jehovah will not want to see in His new world.

Do you want to be in Jehovah’s «Book of life» ?
Then you need to please him with your own conduct and actions.
He won’t allow anyone that He doesn’t approve to enter into His new world.

God likes conscientious people who wisely use their time, honor Him , study His Word, learn to do what is right, and love all people . Jehovah can see each individual spending their time — no one can deceive Him.

Who is not going to be in God’s «Book of Life» ?
Who does not accept Jehovah and His Word , and who does not  use his time efficiently, but  use it to ruin himself,  other people and the Earth (Rev.11:18; 21:8).

All of us are aware that our human life is short
and does not have a great importance if it does not last forever (Ps.89:10),
And we whole-heartedly wish that everyone else is aware of this:
To gain the eternal time of life in God’s world
it is worth fighting here and now.

Are you with us ?

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